Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 3.... or....


Alright so it's Day 3, morning here at the Art Mill. Technically it's my day 4 but I'd like to stick with the group. We are now 8 artists with the successful arrival of Joy. Kyla and I had an amazing time in Monticello, discovering the street fair and winding up at town hall listening to a blues band while finding a really cool vendor by the name of Mr. Mark. He spoke with us for a good hour or so about his life and traveling the world, selling his silver wares like rings and earings, and coming home a few years ago to tend to his then ailing mother who had since passed. He's preparing to venture out into Southeast Asia once again. We all spoke about four different languages during our talk and I got 3 new headbands that reminded me of similar items I got in Barcelona years ago, and for the first time since college I got a brand new earring. We spoke on travel, politics, religion and society. Would love to have Mr. Mark sell his wares at a performance we could one day organize here at the Art Mill in Jeffersonville. We'll see what today holds....

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