Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dinner time @ the Art Mill Watch on Posterous
 So it's night time and it's been a really chill rainy day here in Jeffersonville. The Art Mill thrives despite the weather. Took care of some vehicular business with the local State Troopers earlier today, and have been dealing with some technological hurdles while making time to fit in a great workout provided to us via video message from Ray at Seek-Fitness alongside Guillermo and Eun Jung. Walked in the rain to town to get a few supplemental groceries and cooked myself the only thing I know how to make, some pasta with shrimp. Eun Jung & Guillermo & Oscar continue to move closer to preparing for a film shoot in the coming days. I saw her start to construct some costumes out of old newspapers and with some spray paint she bought from the local hardware store. Anthony showed me the natural Mint tea that he and Kristin actually found on the premises and Kristin will be giving an Astrological reading later on tonight. Tonight's movie may turn out to be Star Wars! Wishing you were all here. Kyla and Joy have been mysteriously quiet most of the day, but I really appreciated their moral support in making my first visit to the compost pile by the barn. ;-) Excited to welcome the inexhaustable Andy Chapman tomorrow morning to make our motley crew a wonderful number 9, number 9, number 9.....

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