Thursday, August 4, 2011

Getting ready to bike Jeffersonville!!! Watch on Posterous
Hey there, so like the song says "Let The Sunshine In". The rain has ended and another beautiful day at the Art Mill is underway. Kristin is offering Joy her astrological reading (mine was last night and it was pretty awesome), Guillermo, Oscar and I are going to ride bikes for a bit, I did some phone meetings with Dance/NYC regarding tech upgrade, my DJ guru and all around genius Ernie getting me set up to learn to beat mix in the nightlife scene, spoke with Andy who's getting ready to join us, and I'm thinking and planning to make French Toast tomorrow morning for the gang, ala my father's recipe. Still to come, I'm going to be teaching the Britney Spears' routine I perform with the endlessly talented Misty Meaner, we'll be doing the latest Ray taught Seek-Fitness routine for a good work out, a contact jam in the studio tonight and perhaps a makeup party as well. Stay tuned!

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