Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Picking Up Joy!!!

....and we're also picking up a beautiful woman named Joy. ;-) It's been an interesting Day 2 here at the Art Mill. The house expanded from just Kyla and I to 7 of us now and tonight with Joy it'll be 8! We watched Kundun last night into the late hours. Several of us got up early today and went grocery shopping hence the earlier post featuring the antique car we all saw. Had a delicious brunch. Managed to re-tool this blog and eager to move forward with a new website thanks to Eun Jung's suggestion of using Weebly. I've been lamenting the impending loss of iWeb but it does seem that there are a number of equally powerful free options available. I'm currently not sure what to use as a replacement for the impending loss of the MobileMe Galleries which I just absolutely love. Flickr vs Picassa or perhaps another service. I think I'll send out a general SOS regarding this in a separate post. All in all the highlight was creating our own workout circuit, having not yet heard back from Ray at Seek-Fitness. Guiellermo partnered with me and we kicked some ass. As fate would have it, Ray texted us his youtube workout just as we were in the middle of our circuit. It looks awesome and I'm eager to hit it tomorrow. If you're reading this please do leave a comment and if you're an artist in need of a retreat, hit us up to. There's still plenty of room and the more the merrier. Not sure what movie we'll be seeing tonight but I'm really hoping for DV8's The High Cost of Living. Also got to Skype with the folks down in FL and took them on a handheld tour of the place. Upwards and onwards.


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